The Team

Security Detail

"Harley," the team captain, has been with us since he was born in 2009. He uses a variety of barks to alert us to the presence of predators, visitors or just things that go “bump” in the night. He also forces exceedingly naive guineas out of the backyard before any of the other members of his team can reach them.
"Hudson" is a boxer mix rescue from the Foothills Humane Society. We decided he should come home with us after seeing him make and hold eye contact, and learning that he had been previously adopted three times and returned each time. He has found his permanent home on our farm. Hudson is a fiercely loyal speed demon (clocked at 28 mph) capable of jumping a 4-foot fence if he thinks it’s necessary. He’s bad-to-the-bone Serious.

“Lakota” is the team’s senior member. She came to us from a family member. She’s a mixed breed with some definite pit bull in the genes. Despite her age, some arthritis and other health issues, she can quickly spring into action if need be. She’s physically strong, and clearly the pack leader. We adore her affectionate ways.

"Hattie Mae" is a Treeing Walker Coon Hound. She showed up on the farm one day in heat and being pantingly attended by two intact males—a handsome registered German Shepherd with Rin Tin Tin looks and a Beagle who was far more interested in her than in chasing rabbits. We found the owners of the other two dogs, but no one would claim the hound. We had her spayed, vaccinated and got her through a couple of health issues. Now she’s the most consistent barker we’ve ever seen—or heard. We’re still trying to determine where she fits, aside from being a one-girl fence line weed whacker.

"Hammer" is a Buff Orpington rooster whose job is to protect our laying hens. Buff Orpington is a heritage breed that is centuries old. Buff roosters are noted for their acceptance of people, which is a good thing because we’re in and out of his area daily. He did need a couple of humility training exercises after growing intolerant of squealing granddaughters gathering eggs. He is attentive to his flock and works hard to meet their every need.

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