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Nothing says down on the farm like a freshly laid egg that practically stands up and salutes as you crack it into the skillet.

Every day our hens forage throughout their yard, as well as select areas of the vegetable garden, consuming a copious amount of bugs, vegetative matter and the grit necessary to keep their guts operating. The girls' diet is supplemented with organic layer feed to ensure they are getting the nutrients they require for maximum egg production and overall good health.

Their occasional treats consist of kitchen scraps, plain yogurt and cottage cheese. The pecking consumption of a pint of cottage cheese by 20 hens is one of the most entertaining sights on the farm and results in white globules being flung near and far, covering one another's combs, wattles and other body parts.

When we aren't feeding 20-30 eggs at a time as a protein boost for our turkeys, we usually have a surplus of eggs that we sell within our community. A mixture of medium to extra large eggs sells for $3.50/dozen.


What do you do with hundreds of luffas that grow to enormous proportions along various fence lines, mostly as volunteers? Well...make soap for starters.

We are making both unscented goat's milk and Castile soap in small batches, which is then poured into the luffas, sliced into bars and cured.  Upon request, we will do small batches using various essential oils, keeping in mind that a batch of soap, once sliced, should cure for three to four weeks.

Our goat's milk comes from Bill and Lee Barker's Emerald Springs Farm on Rt. 9 in Green Creek. We use organic olive oil for our Castile bars, which are great not only for us humans, but also for our four legged critters around the farm. They sometimes appreciate that scratching scrubber that comes only from a luffa soap.

Because the diameter of the luffas varies, our soap is sold by the ounce. Both goat's milk and Castile bars sell for $1 per ounce, with most bars in the $2-$4 range, plus shipping.

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