The Team


"Cowboy" is Quarab--part Quarter Horse, part Arabian—gelding born in 2002. He’s the alpha horse, the herd leader and a spunky ride. He’s also a prankster who will remove your hat and drop it in the horse trough, pull hoof picks from your pocket and completely strip the other horses of their fly masks, halters and blankets. Loves attention, and is as kid-friendly as Santa Claus.

"Boomer", known on paper as Reyn Man, is a Quarter Horse gelding born in 2003. He’s a little lazy and slow to move, but tolerant of Cowboy’s antics, very productive and the only easy keeper in the bunch.
"Nina" is a foundation-bred Quarter Horse mare born in 1997 and hand-raised. She’s on “loan” to us by a family member. A delight to ride and be around, but a relentless tease for the boys.

"Mr. Big" is a miniature Appaloosa born in 2006. Like a lot of small horses, he doesn’t let his size deter him when he’s in the pasture with the other horses. He has no vices and tolerates loud and fast-moving children with aplomb. But, perhaps most important, he has the fastidious habit of pooping in the same area, adding to his pile each time.

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